2015 Puppies
Pups are clear by parentage for HC, MDR-1 and PRA-prcd
Roarke's very first son!  And what a stunning boy he is!!  Perfectly marked with a blaze face connecting to a full collar with a little merling in it.  Very sweet, outgoing pup who loves to cuddle and is smart as a whip.  People are already his most important thing in life.

Black tri male who is very special......Blaze face and a half collar he wears over his shoulders. His copper is amazing and he is a handsome boy who is very special to us. I had lost him at birth and my husband not only saved his life but this boy is thriving. He never misses a meal and is the first to do everything. LOL His first day outside plus a photo shoot and he followed and sat on every single foot he could spot or was satisfied to sit between them!  All our pups adore people.....this one takes it to a whole new level!

A beautiful blue merle male with perfect markings and popping copper. Wide blaze face and a full collar that connects. Very pretty boy. Roarke's second born son! Adores people above all else. Very savvy and outgoing. Is going to be a real people pleaser and someone's everything. 

Beautiful dark red tri girl. Beautiful blaze face and nearly a full collar. Just misses! Very flashy little girl!!  Little being the key word here.  She is very determined and will not be wavering from her goal....which is to seek the nearest person to cuddle anytime soon!  She is a real hoot!!  She's going to be extremely dedicated and I'd guess focused on her goals!  She's a total doll baby!


Perfectly marked blue merle female with a blaze face connecting to a perfect full collar. They don't come any more perfectly marked than this fancy number. She is pretty and sweet already!  Smart and quiet.  First to always use her litter pan.  At 4 weeks she sits back, takes everything in and then makes her move towards her goal.  Loves people and her cuddle time.  She's  everyone's sweetheart.

Very, very fancy black tri female with a full collar and blaze that does not connect. Man, is she fancy. Popping copper here too. She is luxury all the way....hence her name. 

Roarke X Player Litter

The Zoom Zoom Zoom Litter

August 28, 2015
Gorgeous lighter red tri girl with a narrow collar, pretty stripe face and little spats for socks. She is a very sweet little gal who is going to be perfectly content to cuddle or sleep in your lap as long as you will sit still. She is very mellow, easy going and happy to be wherever there is someone to cuddle her.
What a sweet little lady. 

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