2016 Puppies 1
AKA Willy
This striking and unusual red minimal merle boy arrived via C-section. When the tech brought him in I thought he was a wild tri, until I saw his claim to fame. He makes my heart go all "willy nilly"! He's quite a character as well and we cannot wait to watch him grow. He is the smallest pup in the litter. And he still makes my heart go pitter patter. Why is it that the smallest pup always has the largest personality. And so it is with Willy!! He has more character for a little guy. He LOVES people and will stand between your feet and talk until you notice him and pick him up for some snuggle time. He'll always let he know what's on his mind.....he's a "talker". Woo woo this and woo woo that. He never fails to make you smile and laugh our Willy!! I believe his eyes are going to be blue and brown marbled like his sires.
AKA Buster
Our first born black tri boy, born back feet first a half mile from the vets office in the Xterra. He is such a calm, accepting baby. Maybe he learned patience while he waiting to be born? Quiet, sweet and accepting still of everything new he has encountered. Smart and so funny. We adore this boy and snuggle him every chance we get. He's met his first new people and had his nails Dremeled!!
Congratulations Mike and Ashley!
AKA Arti
A beautiful red tri male who could barely manage to wait for us to get in the door and back to the whelping box before he arrived. Hence his name!! Very pretty boy who is quite the character! We can never say enough about this very special pup. He is a little carbon copy of his dam, Bling. He loves people more than anything. Is the first to get to you and leaves everything else, his Mother, food, toys for a person. He's smart, accepting and loving. Very outgoing as well. Nothing breaks his stride. How we adore this boy!!
Congratulations Judie, Lou and boys!
AKA Breaker
Our second born black tri male also born in the SUV on the way home from the vets! Hence his name.....He broke outta there to join us after his long wait. Very pretty boy with a half collar. What a sweet boy he is. He takes everything in stride but is still loving and outgoing. Smart as a whip. Play and naps hard but loves to be cuddled above all else. He waits patiently till you are done with whatever you are doing and then cuddles!! Such a cutie!
The only black tri male who decided to do things the way they should be done and arrived exactly as he should!! And what a flashy boy he is. Those high white stockings, his blaze face and neat collar are striking!! He just gets better and better as he grows. And he has two strikingly blue eyes. This little guy has the ability I think to do anything asked of him. He never hesitates when shown anything new and takes everything in stride. Adores his people but likes to explore and seek new things. Does everything with 100% total focus that you rarely see in a baby this age. He's very special and someone is going to be very lucky.
AKA Twister
This beautiful blue merle girl arrived via C-section as well. She's so beautiful she nearly stopped out hearts. She's as square and breath taking as they come and we cannot wait to watch her grow. She came into this world like a whirlwind (twister) and we cannot see what kind of trouble she can stir up!! What a sweet, kind girl she is. We call her dam Bling Sis quite often....and this is Lil Sis. She is simply as beautiful inside as she is out. Her ear set is perfect and her eyes I believe will remain blue. She loves to cuddle and snuggle and is smart as can be. She's Bling's only merle female. She's very special.
Congratulaions  Kassondra and Ken!


Roarke X Bling 3-5-16

The Bustin' Loose Litter
Chili Pepper

Our little home grown girls first born. Beautiful flashy red tri with not quite a full collar. Right now the biggest pup in the litter.
Habanero Pepper

Nero is a little clone of his sire, Traveler. Full half collar to the right and pretty blaze face and copper. The middle weight of this litter so far.
Cayenne Pepper

What a flashy red merle boy with a wide full collar and wide blaze face. He is the smallest in this litter currently.
The Traveler X Caity Litter
Arrived 7-19-16
3 pups
All Males
Red Hot Peppers Litter
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