New Arrivals 2
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Dr Pepper
Black tri male- Pretty little boy with a full collar, blaze face and spiffy feet!!  He's a lover boy and so playful.
Chosen  Congratulations to Tammy, Mark, Aubrianne and Jillian

Red merle male.  This pup is just beautiful.  His colors are bold and his copper is bright with a full collar he is just a total stand out!  And he is a total love bug.  His butt wiggles and he makes a beeline to get to you and cuddle as soon as he knows a person is in the room!!  Just cannot say enough about this wonderful boy.  Never a step out of line, sweet and obedient!  Love, love, love him! 
Chosen  Congratulations to Cheryl Bell of Sixbells Aussies

Mr Pibb
Red merle male, two blue eyes.  He is the most mellow, laid back pup who absolutely adores people.  He just makes you smile every single time you see him.  Such a good boy.  One of the largest pups in this litter!!  Mis-marked, but an absolute stunning baby!!

CHOSEN- Congratulations Jessica and Kevin on your second Southwind pup!!
Mt Dew
Black tri female, AKA.....Doozie!  This pup is extraordinary!  How she makes me laugh and she is so tiny yet she is bigger than life!!  An excellent therapy/service dog candidate.  Or someone's everything......very small and a total sweetheart.  Look down...that's where she is.  At your feet trying to sit on them already!  A total sweetie pie who adores people.
Chosen Congratulation to Karen, Jim, Hal and Juli on your wonderful new service dog.
Black tri female, very small.  This little girl has a personality WAY bigger than she is.  She makes me laugh so many times a day that I lose count.  She loves to say, "Ruaww, ruaww!"  Quite the talker!!  Loves her people and to cuddle.  Pretty and sweet....just how we like them!
Wonderful therapy/service dog candidate.
Chosen  Congratulations Diane and John.
Black tri female.  She is the largest of all the BT girls.  Very laid back and sweet.  Loves to snuggle her people and makes sure she gets right there to do so!!  Nicely marked and has tons of eye popping copper!
Chosen  Congratulations to Kristina and Michael
Blue merle female.  She is just drop dead gorgeous.  That's all there is to it.  She takes my breath away every single time I look at her.  And her little butt wiggles as soon as she wakes up and knows you are there.  She's just amazingly beautiful inside and out!!  She is also a toy hoarder extraordinaire!!  What a hoot this girl is!
Chosen  Congratulations to Chris and Lynn on your second Southwind girl!
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