2012 Past Puppies
Justice - Beautiful red tri pup with a blaze face and full collar. We just love this pup! Quiet, a deep thinker and quite the ham, too. Nice combination for an all around great pup.
Congratulations to Rick, Colleen and Maddy for chosing Justice, now Leo to add to their wonderful family!  Welcome to the Southwind family!
Liberty - Beautiful black tri girl with the sweetest loving temperament. She is an absolute doll. Very smart pup who will also just quietly entertain herself if all her brothers and sisters are sleeping. She is such a good girl!! Some family is going to be VERY lucky to claim her!.
Congratulations to Mitch, Maddy, Julia, Olivia, and Claire on their new family member, Liberty!
All pups from Megan's litter are chosen.
Thank you and congratulations to our new families.
Miracle - Our blue merle problem child who made it after aspirating when Megan came into her full milk and this little girl, the piggy of the bunch....aspirated. We worked day and night to save her and as you can see she is indeed a Miracle. Two blue eyes that worship her people. She has been the first to do everything!! She is placed on HOLD until we are sure she is 100% and the vet gives her the OK.
Congratulations Steve, Cory and Aiden!  Welcome to the Southwind Aussie family.  We know you will take good care of our precious Miracle.
Glory - Beautiful max white red tri with full collar and a big white face. This pup is a total character!! She can always be found asleep on her back! With her tongue sticking out! She is such a talker....has to tell you about everything! Even talks in her sleep! She's dreaming and bow-wowing right now. What a fun girl she is. Love to cuddle in, totally content when held.
Glory is chosen.  Congratulations to Katherine, Lauren and Julia!  NY
Patriot - A beautiful red tri boy with the kindest, sweetest personality. Loves nothing better than to snuggle in for a cuddle. Outgoing and playful with a sharp intelligence going for him. He's going to make some lucky family an amazing addition.
Congratulations to Peter, Jill, Lauren and Aaron for adding Ripley to your family!  He is an awesome boy!
Banner - Blue merle male with blue eyes. He is mismarked, available as COMPANION ONLY. His merling he needed around one eye ended up in two merle spots in his big, wide full collar! LOL! An outgoing and opinionated guy! Always makes us laugh with his bigger than he is personality! Will be the high end of the Mini range, best guess at this point. He's love to be playing ball and frisbee with his new family
Congratulations Lou, Judie, Matt, Sam and Gavin for adding Rudy to you family and welcome to our Aussie family!
Kipper - Very nice small blue merle male with a full collar, blaze face and tons of copper. Very pretty marked pup and a real sweetie. Loves to be held and he is so relaxed he quite often turns and sleeps on his back while in your hand and continues to have his puppy dreams. LOL!
Kipper-  Chosen and now Mies.
Congratulations to Peter and Nicki  NY
Natali - Blue merle female with a full collar and blaze face that connects complete with a beautiful blessing spot. Powder blue with very nice copper already. What a beautiful girl. Seems to be a talker and spends much of her time bonding with her Mother. Snuggles with us easily already. What a gorgeous girl she is and is Mikayla's final daughter.
Natali- Chosen and now Kylee
Congratulations to Barbara and Lil on their second Southwind puppy!!!  CT
Kian - is one of the most striking blue merle males I have ever seen. He has a full collar, blaze face and very brassy copper from birth. If he were a she this pup would never leave here!! He is mellow and laid back and we cannot wait to watch him develop. He is very special.......
Chosen.  Congratulations to Alan Gordon, NY
Nate - Here's a neat little black tri male. Not a whole lot of white. He dunked his nose in milk and tippy toed through paint! Nice wide half show side collar. He's a nice mellow pup and we just love to cuddle him. He burrows right in for snuggle time.
Nate- Chosen and now Jasper.
Congratulations to Barbara and Lil  CT
Kane - is a very nice blue merle male with a huge full collar, wide blaze face and beautiful merling. His merling makes it around both eyes but he is a very loud colored, pretty boy! We are betting those eyes will be blue and can't wait to see if they are! Very outgoing and curious pup even before those eyes open. Really likes his people already and will seek us out for attention.
Kane- Chosen
Congratulations to The Eckman's  NY
Mikayla and Traveler blessed us with 5 beautiful pups on 8-13-12
1 Black tri male
1 Blue Merle female
3 Blue Merle males

Thank you......all pups from this litter are chosen.
Please ask about our waiting list for Decembers upcoming litter.
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