Rustler - Red bi M WOW! This little red bi boy is the deepest darkest red you can imagine with not a whole lot of white on him. I have looked and looked for any copper but I don't see any! He is the sweetest, quietest little man, too. Just loves to cuddle in. Eyes are green with bright slices of blue.  Very unusual and will just be marbles I believe when finished.
Congratulations to John ,Christine and Family, NY
Lei / Gabby- RM F This girl is just stunning with her beautiful markings and her brassy bright copper. Lei AKA Gabby is available.  PET ONLY.  Very outgoing pup with a sweet disposition.  Smart as a whip and has one blue and one blue green eye.  She's as pretty as they come with a full collar as well.
Congratulations to James, Alicia and family, NY
Levi - RM M What an awesome pup. He's perfectly marked and wearing a perfect mask as well. Look at the copper on this pup!! He's also as wide as he is long with amazing bone. His eyes aren't even open and yet he is such a sweetheart. Never fusses and just cuddles back to sleep right in your hands! His eyes are blue.  One looks as though it may have a speck that will marble.  This pup gets better and better!!
Congratulations to Kim and Anthony, Florida
Cinch - BM M How could ever say enough about this pup. He is the coolest marked pup I have ever seen. A reverse (?) merle? He is almost a black tri, but where the white should be he is merled!! His collar, blaze and where white should be on his legs.....all merle! To say he is stunning is a gross understatement. And his personality already is just to die for. One awesome pup!!
One brown, one blue eye
Congratulations to Kelsey, Delaware
Wrangler is a beautiful red tri male with a full white collar. Loads of popping copper on this boy. He seems pretty laid back and sweet. Loves to just turn upside down in you hands, sigh and goes right to sleep! He's so excepting with everything you do with him. What a cutie pie! This pup is the sweetest, people loving pup I have ever seen.  He utterly adores people.  His eyes are amber and he is just a doll.
Congratulations to Courtney, John and family, NY
2013 Past Puppies
Trip X Erin
April 3, 2013

1 RM M
1 RM F
1 BM M (minimal merle)
2 RT M
Colt - Red tri male
Another gorgeous, eye catching red tri boy!  Very flashy with his partial collar and small splashed blaze.  Tons of copper here, too.  Very sweet pup that should mature as a mid-range 16 inches.  Also adores his people!  Such a good little man!!
Darby- Red merle female - HOLD
Red merle female who just can't get any prettier!  A very sassy little Diva who will be remaining here at Southwind as our third generation up and coming if she evaluates well at 8 weeks.  If not she will be placed in a companion home.
Sully - Black tri male
What a beautiful black tri boy.  One of the first to do everything with a very outgoing, playful personality.  Lovely show quality pup. Utterly adores his people.  He's going to make some family very lucky!!
Jack Daniels - Red tri male
Beautiful, flashy red tri boy with a full collar and blaze face just loaded with eye popping copper.  He is the mellowest, sweetest pup you could ever asked for.  I believe he will stay on the small side.  I'd say 15-16 inches tops at this time.  JD is just a real lover boy!
Ember Red tri female
Red tri female who couldn't get any cuter and prettier or sweeter if she tried.  Makes a bee line to you the minute she sees you coming and is the first to crawl in your lap for cuddles and then a nap.  The Worlds sweet kisses champion right here.  Not a lot of copper and again we expect mid-range in Mini size. 
Midge - Red tri female
Little red tri female with not a whole lot of white but sure makes up for it in copper.  She is such a cutie......who could resist.  Also a World champ cuddler and kisser!  Seems like she's gonna stay on the small side.  She's gonna make someone very happy.  This girl is on a mission!
Aspen - Red tri female
Red tri female who just screams, "LOOK AT ME!"  Lots of chrome and tons of copper make her a real showstopper.  Look at the bone on this girl.  We feel she'd evaluate a very nice show pup.  And to top all that off she adores people.  Smart as a whip as well!  She's got it all!
Trip X Belle

1 BT M
2 RT M
1 RM F
3 RT F
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